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hello from cincinnati, and a proper introduction. ..

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Hi, I'm Devil, from cincinnati ohio.
Mopars I've owned (oldest to newest)
1967 Chrysler Newport sedan
1968 Dodge Charger SE (basket case, was too young and inexperienced to get it running)
1979 Plymouth Fire Arrow
1985 Shelby Charger
1988 Dodge Omni
1993 Chrysler LeBaron Landau 3.0 v6 (still have this one)
2001 Dodge Neon SE (my daily, had it since it was new)
2005 Dodge Caravan SXT

I was a black sheep in my family growing up because I liked mopar over GM. I went through the auto tech. program in highschool, my first assignment was figure out/fix a 1985 Lebaron turbo sedan for a teacher (headgasket, surprise) and its been a love/hate saga of turning wrenches since then (mostly love) I'm hoping to sell off the ol' Neon soon and move to a 300c/Magnum/Charger, I recently test drove a Magnum and Charger, both R/Ts, and I can't clear my head of HEMI fog.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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