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Hello From Mexico City.

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Hey guys, after years of reading the frontwebsite and the news section of this forum I decided to join and participate from time to time :lol: .

Well, my Mopar story it's short :p , I've owned Mopars such as the Mexican Dodge Spirit R/T 95 and the also Mexican Dodge Stratus r/t 2006, both 2.4L Turbo Charged (Mexican market only) perhaps the Spirit was better.
My father and his father owned more, more classic and iconic Mopars such as a 69 Superbee, so Mopar, Chrysler and Dodge it's on my blood :D .

I'll be looking forward to have fun with you guys!
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Welcome to Allpar!

Back when I had my '97 Stratus I had really wanted one of the Mexican-market turbo vehicles, but it never happened obviously.

Not a Mopar, but I've knocked around finding a Nissan Hardbody D21 crew cab and placing it on to a '04-'06 Frontier D22 crew cab frame, and putting a suitable 6' bed on too. That way I could use the American frame with the Mexican cab, and since the title is based on the frame it should theoretically be legal, especially if I keep the Frontier's engine and everything emissions-related...

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Welcome to the forum!
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