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Hello from Minnesota

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Hello. I'm new to this site but not to mopar. And expecially not to the caravans and voyagers. I currently own two Dodge Caravans. One's a 1993 Grand Caravan that's in need of some work and the other is a 1990 short wheelbase with the convert-a-bed option. The '90 is what I drive daily. I bought it from a mechanic in Wisconsin. It's in great shape except for a huge dent in the passenger door. Some hurried carpenter backed into it while it was parked at home depot. The door still works though. Anyway, I noticed that the convert-a-bed was a rare option and don't actually know anyone else who has it. So I hope to meet someone who does. Or answer any questions about it.
Also, I'm restoring a 1963 Chrysler New Yorker with my dad. It should be for sale when we're finished.
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Welcome to Allpar!

Unfortunately I personally don't know anything about the Convert-a-bed options on the Mopars of this era (we had an Aerostar when I was a kid with a similar-sounding feature though) but there are a lot of users on this board that like this era van, my guess is that someone will know...

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Welcome to Allpar. Indeed, you seem to have a rare Caravan. It seems like someone was asking about these vans several months ago, but I don't remember who it was. Sorry bout that!
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