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Hello From Nevada!

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I'm an Old Geezer and I own two 1987 Dodge Dakota SE 3.9 Liter Vin M. I bought both Dakotas' new and when I sold my contracting firm; I kept both Dakotas'. Each of the trucks has under 200M paved road miles and they have required little major repair. I drive OldBlue and the wife drives OldSilver when not driving her 1985 Toyota Camry which she bought new. I guess our transportation is Old Geezer quality. I've been looking at the web site of MOPAR Whole Sale and thinking I would order Mopar Distributors; Rotors and Ignition Wires. Perhaps this is not the place to ask, but has anyone reading this used MOPAR Whole Sale, and if so - how are they to do business with?

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Welcome to Allpar. I haven't had any personal business dealings with that outfit, but maybe someone else here has. I drive a 99 Grand Caravan with the 3.3 and it has coil packs and no distributor. That seemed to be the weakest point on the 3.9 Dakotas, but after a couple of hundred thousand miles and so many revolutions, they can wear out. Sounds like you've got a couple of fine trucks to me.
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