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Hello from Rochester NY - "Save Dodge!"

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Hi: I've been a lifelong Chrysler fan, as has my Dad. Here are the cars that we've owned:
Dodge Lancer 1962
Plymouth Fury 1964
Chrysler Newport 1968
Chrysler Newport 1972
Dodge Monaco 1977
Dodge Omni 1980
Dodge 600 1983
Dodge Charger 1987
Dodge Dynasty 1988
Dodge Spirit 1988
Dodge Stratus 1999
Dodge Avenger 2000 (still own)
Dodge Neon 2003
Dodge Caravan 2005 (still own)
Chrysler Sebring 2006

Most of them have had long lives. I've enjoyed reading Allpar practically since it started!

I've been a big critic of the foolish move to separate Ram trucks from Dodge Division. You might want to "like" my Facebook page called "Save Dodge". I'd like to get enought "likes" to make Chrysler begin to take notice, especially now that Diaz is out of the picture:

Mike Allentoff
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Welcome to Allpar, Mike. This is a great site as I'm sure you'll discover. You guys have owned some nice Mopars over the years. I had a 64 Sport Fury a long time ago. Had the 383 with a four-speed. That sucker would fly!
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