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Hello from Salt Lake

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I'm building a 64 Dart convertible resto-rod. I started out with my Lady's slant6 4speed that the previous owner had "upgraded" with header, Offy Intake and 4bbl tuned to run at sea level. The poor thing drowned here at 4500 ft. When I'm finished it will have a 318 Magnum, TREMEC 5 speed, Magnumforce front end and 4 wheel discs. The only original parts will be the tin and glass. I really wanted to build an econo-rod with a stock injected v6 and 5 speed manual, but couldn't figure out the pieces to put it together. I wish Ma MOPAR would start building parts and kits for those of us who want to have an old style MOPAR with modern drivetrains (Not hemi or Drag racing power). Something driveable for cruising. light and economical to drive. The new v6s have enough power for real use (Better than the old v8s) but no matching 5 speeds.
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Welcome to Allpar, man. Sounds like you'll have a sweet ride once you're done. Post some pics along the way. I'm sure I'm not the only person here that would like to see it. We have a member in Malaysia named Syed that did a restoration on his RHD 66 Dart convertible last year. Do a search on the thread and you can see how great his turned out.
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