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Hello from southern NH

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Hi everyone, I'm Paul and live near the NH / MA border. In a former life I used to hang out in the junkyard (miss those days), and also worked in a dealership parts department before going into the USAF and the world of IT training.

Have owned several Mopars: '66 Belvedere (273 V8) convertible, '71 Barracuda convertible (slant 6), '74 Valiant (slant 6), '75 New Yorker (440 V8), and '79 New Yorker (360 V8). Don't have one right now, and there are too many "horses in the barn" to add another.

But if the right one came along ... something would have to go to make room. It gets complicated. :)

Have been to a few Chrysler National shows at Carlisle - the cars are awesome, and so are the people of Allpar! Looking forward to meeting you.

- Paul
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Welcome to Allpar, Paul. Too bad you don't currently own a Mopar, but you've had some nice ones in the past. What in the world are you driving now that you think is better than a Mopar?
Helo Paul, welcome to the forum.
I live in Southern NH on the MA-NH :thumbsup:
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