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Hello from Waipukurau,Hawkes Bay New Zealand

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I'm a die-hard mopar nut from the south Pacific region.Until 16 years ago we were deprived of any modern mopar products.

Our family has owned Australian valiants from the seventies,with 6cyl and small-block mills.For the last decade we have owned a 00 Grandvoyager and a series neon.Both gave excellent service for more than 7 years.
We currently own a 07 JS Sebring,a 07 Dodge Nitro CRD,and a L.H.D 09 Dodge Challenger R/T.

We still have a Aussie Valiant Charger that I just can't bring myself to part with.

Cheers Robert.
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Welcome! I've been interested in the variants from other countries, those A-bodies sure got around in one form or another...

I assume that New Zealand doesn't have any domestic auto production, how does what you see on the road breakdown? Lots of Asian? European? American?
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