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Hello, New Oldtimer

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Greetings all. Just signed up for my account. I am not new to Mopar vehicles. I own three classics now and I’m always on the lookout for restorable models.

I became a member to look through all the posts and get ideas for my project cars.


1965 Dodge Dart 270
1968 Dodge W200
1969 Plymouth Fury III
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Good morning, both the dart and fury are two door. The fury came from the factory with the 383 HO engine. I plan to start a thread when I begin the full restoration on it .
Welcome to Allpar. My first engine rebuild was a slant six in my uncles 66 Dart 270.

I plan to do so upgrades to the factory 225. Not going to do an engine swap. I want to see how much power I can get out of the engine naturally aspirated.
Depends on how deep your pockets are. They do make some nice intakes and carbs for the slant. Heck, I THINK there's even a fuel injection kit out there somewhere. Google is your friend. It's the Jesus of the internet.
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I saw an article on ALLPAR that described how to build a 225 And get maybe a 75 hp bump. I think I will wind up spending $3,000 and push for a 250 total hp.
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Cool. Document what you do and created a thread like Bubbles did on the PT topics.
Hello everyone, just spent my engine money on a 1975 Dart Swing with an I6. it was in too good a condition to pass up. Now I need to determine which Dart will get the engine upgrade and which will get an engine refresh. Decisions decisions. And save up the money for both cars. on the plus side I got the Plymouth Fury on the road after 8 years in storage. The brakes had to be completely replaced so I wasn’t driving it. Just starting it monthly. Engine runs fine and now I need to plan out the body work and paint job. 1965 Dodge Dart 270 1975 Dodge Dart Swinger 1968 Dodge W200 1969 Plymouth Fury.
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You have a nice stable of Mopars. Just pumping the brakes on a car in storage may help everything to stay in working order. Instead of just starting it, why not put it in gear and move it a foot forward and a foot backwards at the time?
The brakes on the fury were already going bad when I parked it eight years ago. And then I left for a year and they just got worse . So once I got back I had to replace the carburetor to get the fury running again but I wasn’t able to get to the brakes to fix them. So it just sat as I wasnt going to risk driving it down the road. But I kept up on the engine maintenance as it’s much more expensive and time consuming to rebuild an engine.
You know God was a Plymouth man. It says in the Bible that he drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden in a FURY! Sorry about that, I just couldn't resist.
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