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Joining this forum because I am trying to revive my daughetr's 1992 Shadow Highline convertible. It was her dream car owned by a family friend as a child, and he sold it to us when he was done with it for her first car in 2003. Did a lot of mechanics and she drove it for a couple years, then parked it in the back yard as college and work dictated something more reliable (and not as leaky lol). Needs a lot of work again due to inattantion and neglect but want to get it going for her again.

Been a Mopar guy since birth, Dad was fan but never too exciting :) the roster over the years between him, me and my kids:
1957 Desoto
1961 Dodge Dart
1962 Chrysler Newport
1965 Chrylser Newport
1965 Plymouth Barracuda
1969 Plymouth Valiant
1971 Chrysler Newprot
1975 Chrylser Newport
1981 Plymouth Reliant
1995 Plymouth Voyager
1986 Dodge Aries
1992 Plymouth Acclaim
1992 Dodge Shadow Convertible (current)
1993 Dodge Caravan
1995 Dodge Grand Caravan
1996 Dodge Neon
1997 Dodge Stratus
2001 Chrylser Sebring
2005 Chrysler Sebring (current)
2006 Chrsyler Sebring (current)
2008 Dodge Grand Caravan (current)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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