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While what exactly to look for on that particular car is outside my general knowledge range, I'd strongly consider paying an expert to look the car over. A few hundred dollars to protect a $40k investment may be wise. Obviously you want to make sure any rust issues were taken care of. It states the engine and transmission are numbers matching and I'd want to be able to inspect the VINs on both (though some restamp the numbers and fender tags so someone who is knowledgeable can often spot a restamp). There are some hidden VINs (or partial VINs) sometimes on the core support or under the trunk weatherstrip that should match the VIN on the fender tag and dash to make sure someone did not put a GTX VIN and fender tag on a Satellite body. Hopefully there is also some paperwork with the car.

I used to translate the text of the ad to English so I could read it. It worked pretty well for me.
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