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Help - about to buy this car - what do you think ?

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I Need some suggestions from the Mopar specialists here.

I am thinking about to buy this 69 GTX:

Sorry, this site is in German - i am located in Austria ... .

It has a correct Fender Tag, is number matching.

Seller wants approx. 40K$.

What do you think about this car - sorry i am a absolute newby and simply don´t want to do a big thing wrong.
Any Inputs are welcome.

Take care
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Run screeming from this car. It is as bogus as the day is long. It is a restoration boarding on a resto-mod. The biggest and most glaring problem is that the fender tag is not for this car and probably not even a real fender tag. The VIN if I read it correct is PB23 or P823. Ether way, it is just not correct. It shows it as a vinyl top car. The worst part is that the screws are not correct and the fender tag was ALWAYS painted the same color as the car. The inside of the truck should not be painted the same color as the car. The master cylinder and power brake booster are not correct for 69. There should be a VIN stamped on the body in the trunk opening. If you open the truck, look on the left side of the fender next to the rubber gasket close to the trunk hinge. Not on the truck lid, on the fender that the trunk is covering when closed. My guess is that this is a 68 or 69 satelite that someone knew they couldn't pass off as a GTX in the states so they sent it to Austria. If it is an export car, it MIGHT account for some of it but there are too many things wrong. One more thing. According to the fender tag, this is suppose to be an L code 440 HP. In 69 it would be a 440 Super Commando with an unrestricted air cleaner and a 440 Super Commando Pie Pan on the air cleaner. All that said, if your looking for a 68 GTX clone that wasn't done very well, it might be worth 20K USD in the US, IF there is no rust issues. Check for rust/bondo around the front and rear windshields. My guess is they took a 440 out of a New Yorker and didn't even bother to put a correct air cleaner to sell it as an L code 440. I don't know how prevelent GTX's are in Austria so the value is something you have to figure out for Austria. Below is the decoded fender tag....Obviously Bogus.




440-4 Barrel High Preformance


H-D A-727 TorqueFlite Trans / Some Years A-998


P = Plymouth Fury
8 = Unknown
23 = 2 Door Hardtop


L = 440 375HP 1-4BBL 8 CYL
9 = 1969
E = Los Angeles, CA, USA


Sequence Number '131943'


Paint Code: Unknown At This Time


Trim Grade/Style/Color
P = Premium
6 = Vinyl Bucket Seats
X = Black


Upper Door Frame: Unknown At This Time


Date Built: 1 / 08 / 1969


Order Number: 319122


Roof Type OR Color: Basic (Radio) Group


Power Assisted Brakes


Console w/ Buckets


Bucket Seats


Left Hand Outside Mirror - Manual / Chrome


3 Speed Variable Wipers


Heater w/ RHD


Body Side Moldings


Music Master Radio AM


Full Vinyl Top - Black


Performance Hood Treatment


White Longitude Sports Stripe


End of Codes
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