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n, this sucks. I bought a new PCV valve. Go to put it in and there's some little bit of gunky silicone looking stuff on the very top of the part you screw the pcv valve in to. That stuff cracks ane the reason it was there in 1st place is because there was a 1 inch crack starting at the very front of where you insert the pcv valve and going towards the back of it. Its cracked so somebody put that silicone looking stuff to repair it. Crack is at the very tip top. Starts at the opening of the female in and follows across the top about an inch. So, what do I do? I think its all one piece. Like its part of the round cover that covers the whole area or whatever you call that cover. Plenum maybe? Well, I'm not so sure I want to repair the crack with jb weld or something because I've had a code p0455 and p1494 lately. Maybe those codes were due to the crack that was repaired. I don't know what to do. There's a you pull it yard 2 miles away. Any advice or help is always greatly appreciated from you all. ANYTHING you wanna tell me would be wonderful. Thanks! Marc- Oh yea, the pcv valve I bought from pep-boys is a purolator brand and looks identical to the one I took out. Are those ok brand? And its the dreaded 2.7 v-6 Dodge Intrepid motor with 84 k on it. Year 2000. THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH YA'LL!
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