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I have an 05 Dodge Ram with a 5.7 Hemi 145K miles starts hard but only when I hold the gas pedal to the floor when it does start (If it does) it idles rough like it has a miss. There are no fault codes and I have changed the cam and crank sensor but to no avail.
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Welcome to Allpar. Not everything will throw a fault code. Investigate and diagnose before replacing any more parts.
Are the battery terminals clean and tight? Crust and scale can be hidden between the post and terminal, so take them right off to scrape/clean them. Reset your clock.
Any signs of excessive fuel or flooding? Has it had a fuel pressure test for starting and running and shutoff pressure drop?
Are the spark plug tips black or wet with fuel? Are they the correct Champion Copper+ RE14MCC4's? (This can be important).
Does the EGR tube get hot to the touch right after a cold start? There should be some time delay before the EGR starts flowing unless it may be faulty and the valve stuck partially or fully open.
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