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My name is William and I live in beuatiful (rust free) Southern Arizona. A MOPAR friend of mine suggested asking you guys about my friends MOPAR part. I am trying to identify a MOPAR part's value and did not know where to go. My friend just acquired (what he believes is) a 1957 dual quad hemi intake manifold. I'm trying to find a reasonable value for it. My friends are an older couple and not to interested in getting (paying for) internet. Proud to be "old school" as they say. I have a 1965 Mustang I6 OHV hardtop. It's not a MOPAR, I know! Ha Ha Ha! I am learning about the 1st generation Mustangs and know nothing about MOPAR vehicles. However, I know how great it is to find the authentic correct part for your car, especially if it's rare, which this looks to be. With that in mind, can anyone direct me where I might be able to figure out a decent value for this? I tried to search for it on-line and did not have any luck. All I found on e-bay were similar, but not the same or reproductions. I have the codes and pictures to upload once I know where to properly post this. Thanks for your help!
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