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Help me find my power steering resevoir cap?

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2001 PT LE 5sp.
Today I wanted to check the fluid level in my power steering resevoir. So I took the cap off, checked and was starting to replace the cap when my hand holding the cap hit something and I dropped the cap. It fell down behind the engine hit something else and bounced rearward out of site.

I thought it had fallen on the ground so I checked under the car and it is not there. So, I think it must be lodged someplace down under the tunnel somewhere.

I used several items to try to stick down in that area to lodge it loose (remember I can't see it at all) and all attempts were unsuccessful. Does ANYONE have an idea as to where it might be under there and HOW one would go about retrieving it? I don't have a lift so any attempt would be from the ground. Or, perhaps I can jack up the car with a floor jack and climb underneath.

Ideas anyone??? Thanks :excited:
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Well, after climbing underneath and using everything I could think of including all of Imperial Crown's suggestions I finally broke down and ordered a replacement from a dealer. Took < 12 hours to get in and solved my problem. Now watch, the old one will most likely fall out in my driveway.
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