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Help needed, Sat. at Carlisle

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Important -> We don't have a cook for Saturday, nor do we have enough grill capacity. I have one mini-grill I can bring, a second one should be enough. (Actually just one is probably enough if we settle on hot dogs and/or sausages, without burgers.) We definitely need someone to either bring a cooler of food on Saturday morning, OR run out at 10:45 am or so to the supermarket. Please volunteer via PM, email or reply here. Thanks.
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Side note, weather looks good.
We have a cook for Saturday but it would really be good if anyone out there could either do a grocery run or bring stuff in a cooler in the morning, PM me... also, I need to know if you are interested in doing joint dinner with the 300M Club instead of with each other...
I'm flexible with dinner plans.
I might send out a mailing to be sure... the 300M dinner is at in Harrisburg.
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