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Help i have a town countey 2005 and stallss when accelerating. Also inn red lights and idle.. Rough drive.

No error codes computer.

I have done

Fuel pump module includes prssure sensor and filter New
Cleanin with compressed air fuel lines
Rail and injectors serviced at specialist
Coil pack New
Spark cables New
Sparks Checked
Camshaft sensor New
Cranckshaft sensor New
Egr replaced New
Oil change and filter
Air filter chsnged
Battery Checked
Iac cleaned
Throttle pposition sensor cleaned
Múltiple vacuum sensor cleaned
Air sensor cleaned

Computer detects uneven spikes in throttle graphic
Does not accelerate evenly.

I ran out of ideas please help.

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wow....that's alot of items replaced or cleaned. Could possibly be a vacuum line loose or dry rotted, or an intake manifold gasket leak. Those are just a couple of guesses. How many miles on the van?

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Welcome to Allpar. Is the unstable throttle position sensor signal still there? That may be your whole problem.
Generally these sensors are sealed and can't be 'cleaned' and should be replaced with an OEM part.
If the sensor itself has an even and steady voltage sweep from idle to full throttle (key on, engine off) as the throttle is opened slowly, make sure that the 5 volt supply and sensor ground wiring is OK. The sensor should go from about 0.65 volts at idle to about 4.3 volts at wide-open throttle.
When you say 'sparks checked', you mean the spark plugs? Are they carbon fouled (black tips) at all? Are they the correct Champion RE14PLP5 gapped to .050" and are the spark plug wires a good brand?
Whenever possible, always diagnose first.
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