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Help: What Can I Do to improve the CID and The HP of a 361 ?

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Dear all,

I need Your help abouth the following:

I have a Block 361 (I di not have the heads) and I a read that I could change the stoke and the Bore to have more HP and a 502 CID, in such sense
1.-Where Can I buy the necessary parts to get it?
2.-What are the heads to this block and Where to buy them?

Please the webs to buy the parts?

With My best regards.
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Dear all Thanks for Your replies.

I think that is too expensie and complicated to do it so I will buy the heads, Do You know where?. and with a 4 barrel, New psitons (My doubt is Could I Use the piston for a 383?) I could have a good 361. The cam shaft? any recommendation please?

My next idea is fo find an original 383, What can I do to improved?

With My best regards
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