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Assuming that it is a 361, it is probably the same basic block design as the Polara you referenced. I do not know if there were any updates done to the casting though, so it is possible that some things were improved from the sixties to the seventies.

If it is the same block, any of the "B" engine parts should fit it. That means the 350, 361, 383-B, and 400. What won't fit are parts from the 383-RB, 413, 426, or 440. Yes, there were two 383s. One in the "B" line, one in the "RB" line. The RB-383 is very rare, but since the 361 is also fairly rare at this point I figured I should point this out.

The heads themselves should be the same on both "B" and "RB" engines.

The intakes are where it's most important. The "B" intakes are the only ones that will fit your engine.
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