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Dear all,

I write from Lima-Peru and I need Your help:

I picked up an engine with casting number 2899830 and has stamped 2-1-74 in my opinion it means that was manufactured in 1974 and was in a truck, my doubts are:

A.-Can I find a cylinder heads to be used in a passenger car? and If the answer iis Yes, then the question is: Do You know any web?

The casting is 2899830 which means is a 361 because was in a truck and my doubt is:
B.-Is there any posibility to be a 383 (the number 383 is not stamped)
C.-Is the block the same 361 that Polara or similar of the 60s?

I really appreciate Your help because I want to rebuilt with racing parts to be used in a Coronet

With My best regards.

Ernesto Chávez.

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