On 4-26 each year, we celebrate Hemi Day—remembering the legendary 426 Hemi engine, rated at 425 horsepower in street form. The “elephant engine” dominated street and strip alike for many years; and Mopar has developed crate engines for racers and people who just want to retrofit their vintage muscle.

Allpar has numerous pages devoted to the 426 Hemi, but before we send you off down those links, it's worth noting that the site’s founder has slashed the price of his minivan book (yes, you read that right) from $6.99 to $2.99 for the occasion—just for this one day, and only the Apple Books version. The book covers the minivan from the early days in 1972-73, when designers started talking about making a new version of their popular “B-vans,” all the way to 2020. Writing about the earlier version of the book (dubbed Mopar Minivans), Automotive News’ Larry Vellequette wrote, “Zatz uses the people who were there to retell, in vivid detail, the largely forgotten story of how this innovative people-mover evolved into a quintessential piece of American family life for two generations.” Grab a copy now, while you can .

Moving back to the 426 Hemi, check out: