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Hemmings Kalls K-Cars Kollectible

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Check out the latest (Oct. '13) issue of Hemmings Classic Car (not to be confused with Hemmings Motor News). Its "Detroit Underdogs" features the 1981-89 K-cars and their closest derivatives (Reliant, Aries, 400, Le Baron, 600 et al.). The author is very kindly disposed to these cars and their kollector...sorry...collector value.

My first reaction: Aw, krap...I shouldn't have sold my '84 Aries wagon!

It is nice to see this branch of the Mopar family tree get a little respect in the press. They seem to be the Rodney Dangerfields of Chrysler products.
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I was a certified Chrysler tech during that time. The K-cars and Omni/Horizons were fun to drive but had a lot of problems due to the technology changes moving so fast and engineering trying to keep up. The best years are 1986> as the head gaskets were better designed, fast burn combustion engine design, EFI, and so on. They were to compete with the Ford and Chevy FWD models which were total junk, ask anybody who owned a 1981 Escort or Citation! They were cheaper in price, more reliable, and Reliant/Aries was the first 6 passenger car with a 4/5 speed overdive 4 cyl that got over 25 MPG. Lee Iococa had it right to set mechanics, designers, engineers together thoughout the build/design process so maintenence was simple, easy repairs and low warranty hours, keep it simple for the price.
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