Jeep has been growing rapidly in recent years, and should keep going with new or redesigned cars, including the imminent arrival of a 2019 Renegade powered by a new engine family.

Calellen standalone Jeep dealer
This is a photo, not a rendering

Given that, and FCA’s declaration that Jeep was one of its three global brands — with Maserati and Romeo — it makes sense for the company to open standalone Jeep showrooms, even if they are affiliated with Chrysler-Dodge-Ram dealerships.

These outlets are not alone: FCA is opening standalone stores around the country, mainly in metropolitan areas with many customers.

The Jeep part of the building has a new look, distinct from the “Millenial”  dealership appearance mandated in 2010 .  This particular showroom, in Calallen, Texas, is attached to a Chrysler/Dodge/Ram dealership, but Centerville, Ohio, has a Jeep-only showroom, which its Web site claims was “the first Jeep® only franchise in the eastern United States.”  The Jeep showrooms share the same styling, but the Ohio one literally stands alone.

The move has been coming for some time. Automotive News pointed out back in 2015 that FCA was considering Jeep satellite stores , and quoted Jeep chief Mike Manley’s support for the idea in 2016.