Earlier today, Dodge gave details of the Challenger SRT Demon weight reduction secrets to a small group of journalists at a private event. While we still don’t have any of the juicier details, like the power levels, we know now exactly how much weight the SRT engineers cut from the next Mopar muscle car – and how they cut that weight.

When the second Challenger Demon teaser video went live a few weeks back, we learned that the newest Challenger trim line would weigh around 200 pounds less than the SRT Hellcat, but we received only vague details as to how that weight was removed. Today, we have a more detailed breakdown of the weight reduction efforts, including the total reduction number of 232 pounds.

First, the Challenger Demon will have a unique steering column assembly which is four pounds lighter than the one in the Hellcat. SRT also removed the parking sensor system, to trim another two pounds.

Changes to the braking system including smaller rotors (from 390mm to 360mm) and calipers (6 pistons to 4) cut 16 pounds, the new 18" wheels cut 16 pounds, a removal of some sound insulation and other “NVH” components cuts 18 pounds, lightweight suspension components cut 19 pounds, the removal of the spare tire/trunk materials cuts another 20 pounds and a scaled down audio system cuts 24 pounds.

Finally, the biggest weight cuts in the Challenger SRT Demon comes in the way of the seats – or the lack thereof. The Demon doesn’t come from the factory with a rear seat (cutting 55 pounds) or a passenger seat (cutting 58 pounds).  That’s the biggest factor in the 232-pound diet: 113 pounds of seats.

With the next Challenger Demon teaser video set to debut on Thursday, we should know more about this wicked new muscle car in less than 48 hours.