In late June, Prefix Arrow announced the sale of two (392 and 426 cubic inch) Gen III Hemi crate engines for use in classic Mopars. The specs were promising, and many Allpar readers asked about pricing.

Prefix Arrow 392 Hemi crate engine

Today, Prefix Arrow announced that they are taking orders on the turnkey engines for the following prices:
  • The 392 Hemi engine, with 580HP and 490 ft lbs of torque at 6500 rpm, is $16,995
  • The 426 Hemi engine, with 615HP and 520 ft lbs of torque at 6500 rpm, is $19,995.

“We’re really excited to offer these, because they are true plug-and-play engines,” said Prefix Production Manager, Rick Talbot. “Each is built with a Holley HP fuel-injection system, and they are extremely user friendly, whether installing them into a vintage car, hot rod, muscle car, or new model vehicle.”

crate 392 Hemi

Talbot continued, “The goal was to provide car and truck enthusiasts with an option to buy a ready to run engine, and eliminate the endless search and add-on expenses for all the little parts and components necessary to get most crate motors operating.”

For more information, see the Prefix site .