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Hey Ya'll from East Texas

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Well finally got on board. I'm a long time Mopar nut. Grew up in Shreveport LA working at a hot rod shop and had the chance to build several great Mopars but mostly GM (boss'es choice). I personally started building a 68 Road Runner 440 but sold it because I ran out of money. Then a 72 Dart and sold it when I joined the Navy. I owned many dodge trucks then back in 05 bought a 69 W200 crew cab USAF flight line fire truck. This truck had only 28K miles and was in almost perfect condidion. No rust, no rotted wood, just dings, scratches and drill holes from equipment mounted on it through its 30+ years of service. I have all the paperwork on it also. Enough for now I look forward to posting pictures and brousing the site. I am ready to start the rebuild but am torn on the subject of Factory Original or Modified for function. The truck is Air Force blue and you can see where the stickers and logos once were. It has a 225 slant 6 and runs great. I am about to remove the brake booster and ship it off to get rebuilt. I plan to keep the slant 6 but really want to "upgrade" it with a 2 barrel or 4 barrel if I can find the intake. I also want to change the 4 speed and upgrade to a better 5 speed for better hwy traviling. I have already lifted it to acept 315" tires. My friends think I need to go back the factory blue but I want to go OD green or better yet flat black with everytning flat with a ghost style digital camo on it. I plan to drive this truck, not to sit around but actually offroad it and use it. Who knows with the way things are going in our little "g" government, it and other non electronic ignition vehiceles may be the only things running. haha. So some nice imput would be good. Should I keep it Factory or build it to my style....
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Welcome to Allpar and thank you for your service. Build it to suit your style. After all, you're the only one that has to like it!
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