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high pitched whistle from driveshaft idleing or moving

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2001 Dakota 4.7 V/8 automatic 58XXX miles 4 x 4.
I hope someone can help me figure this out. When driving my Dakota I hear a high pitched whistle noise coming from rear of truck. The hum will stop when not under load and then when you press the gas while driving the noise returns. When stopped I can still hear it. I slid under my truck and it seems the noise is coming from the drive shaft. I can squeeze on the driveshaft and the noise will go away somewhat. Just touching the driveshaft causes the hum/whistle noise to change pitch. Since the truck will make the noise sitting and shifted into neutral. I am assuming whatever is making the noise would be forward towards transmission versus rearward towards the pumpkin rear end. Then what do I know so I'm asking you all for help. Other than the noise everything else on truck works perfectly. (knock on metal)!! Also the truck only has 59000 original mileage. Any help greatly appreciated. thanks Rick
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Does it vary at all with what gear it is in or temperature? The only thing that comes to mind would be a hydraulic transmission noise being transmitted into the rear driveshaft?
I have heard internal leaky ATF seals under transmission oil pressure make buzz or whistle noises. Try to follow the source of the noise to where it originates.
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