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Higher output alternator for Cirrus/Breeze/Stratus V6 + Dim Headlights

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Hello all!

I am for once not posting about something broken, but about upgrades!

I have a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus LX with the 2.5L V6 motor. I recently installed an audio system in my car from the original factory radio. I did not have the factory premium audio package, with the tweeters in the dash and factory amplifier, so wiring was easy. I do not have or need a "thumpin'" system that can be heard from around the corner. Just something that sounds very good and doesn't need to be turned up loud. 1520 watts total in amplifiers max. It sounds great. Until you turn the headlights on. I then get a very faint alternator whine through the sound system, and I can only hear it when I am not playing music and the amplifiers are on. I researched the internet all over, and it makes sense that I am getting close to maxing out the alternator's output just with the factory accessories, and that I couldn't hear it before without the amplifiers. If I turn it up loud enough, the headlights will dim with the music. The alternator is 90 amps output, and since it isn't new, it may be a lesser output with age.

Is there any higher output alternator out there for this vehicle? Or any compatible exchangeable alternator with higher output from another Mopar, model, year? I searched eBay and came up with 250 AMP alternators, but they can only make those work with the V6 of the 1996-2000 model years cloud car.Then 1995-2000 for 2.0 and 2.4 engines. I haven't figured out why, a different plug or mounting bracket maybe?

Also, my headlights are incredibly dim. I shined them up when I got the car (they were heavily clouded) and that helped with the distance. But they are still REALLY dim. I almost got into an accident with an animal on the road, I couldn't see in front of me. If I have someone behind me on the road, their headlights are brighter and can light my way ahead of me noticeably better than my own lights can. My fog lights are brighter than the actual headlights, but they don't have distance. I have replaced the bulbs with the correct 9007 bulb. I almost think that the headlights lenses themselves are too small. Any suggestions? Thanks for any input in advance, and sorry for the long read.