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My observations ( I have desent and ascent controls on my 2013).
These systems are great for novices
Traction control, lockers, etc.
A well trained driver can do as well and IF and when one of these systems fails, an untrained driver can then find themselves in trouble, lacking the ability to negotiate without the computer.
It's like a person who can't read a map, what happens when their GPS fails?
There are certain situations and terrain where the traction controls can actually create a dangerous situation, for that reason, Jeep has built in the ability to turn them off.
The only thing that bothers me about them is the complexity and cost of the vehicle.

In my mind its still crucial for drivers to learn their vehicles abilities and taking your Jeep out to a low traction dirt or gravel skid pad, with the traction controls ON to learn how the vehicle reacts, is invaluable.
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