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I cannot seem to find answers elsewhere, so perhaps some of you in this group may be able to help.
I have an 84 Reliant with the 2.2 engine and the 6520 solenoid feedback system. The car is not a daily driver and is in various stages of structural restoration. I start and run the car to keep it in shape. But recently,, the car has been unable to start. I have fuel and spark. Had a diesel mechanic friend clean out the fuel bowl and still no start! Car cranks but will not run.
I have had nothing but trouble with this model Holley carb. Now want to go with the 5220 Holley.

I should mention that this is the second carburetor that has been replaced. Was told that carbon from the canister gets into the fuel bowl, so put a filter on the canister line. Then it happened again!

Hopefully, I can get some great advice here to solve the problem, once and for all. Thanks in advance!.

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Tap the gas pedal once when cool and the choke plate(s) should snap shut:

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You should be able to push down on the plate with you finger, it will have spring tension, but it should move smoothly until fully opened. It should snap shut again after removing you finger.

Plug the air cleaner hose with a golf tee, or similar.
These chokes were finicky. They bound up easily with dirt & corrosion. Oiling them is not recommended. I use a light solvent with a foaming graphite (like heat control valve penetrant). Oil is too viscous and will attract dirt.
You want it to flop open and closed with light finger pressure.

As the car starts up cold, the plate will crack open to get air in.
As the engine warms the choke should open slowly and drop down the fast idle in steps by blipping the throttle. After a few minutes the choke should be fully off, with the choke plate wide open and idle speed at warm idle.
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