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Horizon/ omni rims

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Hey. I currently drive an 89 plymouth horizon and am using an 84 omni for parts. I currently have 2 questions.
The rims on both are about shot, does anyone know where i can find replacements? Cant seem to find any 13" with 57.1 center bore.
Also im looking to replace the 2 front door from the onmi to the horizon and am not sure if the hinge pins are the same.
Thanks for any and all help/advice.
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Door hinge pins Mopar # 6500361 are the same on '84 and '89. There is a special Miller adapter tool we used at the dealership for pressing the pin out to remove the door. The '89 may have added a clip to retain the pin.
Awesome thank you. Could the door pins be removed with a regular hinge puller or will i need the specialty tool?
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