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Hornet - One thing..

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There isn't a lot I don't like about it, aside from that it's very obviously an Alfa with Dodge parts.The biggest gripe I have is that they keep taking low shots of it and expecting it to look as good as a charger.

To me it looks incredibly awkward with so much ground clearance. So -- I eliminated it.

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The problem is they tried to market it as a modern performance car to get excited about to a group of people who are actually losing the most exciting car Dodge has ever produced.

Let’s be honest no one is going to get excited about yet another Compact Utility Vehicle (cute yute).
Has anyone here in the forums, driven one or even seen the Hornet up close?
Its so amazing that the Hornet is being trashed without even a test drive.
Whats up with that?
I don't care how it drives. A 4 banger, 4 door mostly fwd micro-minivan will never be as exciting as any V8 Challenger made in the last 14 years.
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