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Hornet - One thing..

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There isn't a lot I don't like about it, aside from that it's very obviously an Alfa with Dodge parts.The biggest gripe I have is that they keep taking low shots of it and expecting it to look as good as a charger.

To me it looks incredibly awkward with so much ground clearance. So -- I eliminated it.

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You haven't been here long enough to have heard us trash a car we don't like, lol.

This is merely a commentary on its stance, visually & the choices of Dodge's Photography.
I don't mind the marketing photos, but boy, the renderings they have in the build your own are atrocious... I was pricing out one for a friend, and I honestly just stopped and said, you know what lets just wait and see it in person, the images scared me away... and all I ever buy and/or recommend to others are Mopar. As for the height, you have to lift CUV's otherwise people will realize they are just wagons... personally I love a long roof...
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