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Hornet - One thing..

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There isn't a lot I don't like about it, aside from that it's very obviously an Alfa with Dodge parts.The biggest gripe I have is that they keep taking low shots of it and expecting it to look as good as a charger.

To me it looks incredibly awkward with so much ground clearance. So -- I eliminated it.

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Has anyone here in the forums, driven one or even seen the Hornet up close?
Its so amazing that the Hornet is being trashed without even a test drive.
Whats up with that?
I saw one at a show a month or so ago. Exterior-wise the pictures are accurate. I actually liked the interior much better while sitting in the car. It's laid out very intuitive. I typically don't like the screens that aren't integrated into the dash, but this one wasn't noticeably removed. The seats were very comfortable. My wife was sold and wants one.

I wouldn't buy it if our kids were still young and living with us, but our youngest is a Senior in high school and about to leave the nest. So with just the wife and I, a Hornet would be a practical vehicle. The back seat moves out of the way for more "trunk" space. Again, I was fairly impressed.

I have not driven one yet. Nor have I seen one at our local dealerships.
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