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hotrod PT from Warren County, NJ says hello to all Allpar members. My only Chrysler product at this time is a 2001 Bright Silver PT Touring Edition, now Hotrod Edition, chrome bumpers, fender skirts, flames, oogah horn, etc. I also belong to Garden State Crewzers and Chrysler Owners Group, as well as AACA, CORSA, New Jersey Region and Lehigh Valley Region AACA and New Jersey Association of Corvair Enthusiasts. Also active on Club Titan forum. Former owner of 97 Dodge Ram, which is now owned by my sister. The Dodge and the PT got me away from buying GM, but having owned a 1980 FIAT Strada back in the day, I am not so sure about what FIAT is going to do here in the US. All I can say about the Strada is that everything they say about FIATs was true! The PT however, is totally reliable, fun to drive and lots of fun to take on trips, cruise nights, shows, etc. It never fails to start conversations and new friendships. Good friend of the Lion from Eastern PA who has a PT GT. I look forward to meeting you at the Teterboro show.
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