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How Chrysler Calculates Sales Figures (2006)

by Bob Sheaves and Jim Choate

  1. Corporation sales groups order a certain number of cars, trucks, etc. from the respective plant for all uses-this mean "end customer sales", engineering prototype orders, employee leases and purchases, dealer stock orders, and various internal corporate car orders (executive freebies, leases, and demonstrator vehicles).
  2. These sales orders are transferred into bills of materials for individual vehicles to be built, and VINs are assigned.
  3. The plant builds the vehicles to order and Manufacturer Certificates of Origin are generated. These numbers (whether built or not) are now legally "cars" owned by the plant. Since none are licenced or delivered, these are what is called, legally, new cars. (I am using the word "cars" to mean any vehicle built, not just a car.)
  4. Once built, the cars are sent to the marshalling area (either on plant grounds or located elsewhere) to be mated with the paperwork and deliverys are organized.
  5. The marshalling yard now delivers the vehicles to the group responsible for the vehicle order.
  6. Employee cars (using Lynch Road as an example) are now titled, licenced, and made available for employee delivery (counted sales in the numbers recorded for the government) if desired. If an employee car is to be delivered to a dealer (under a pay grade of 94 I believe) the car is sent to the dealer with the paperwork, is titled, licenced and make available for delivery (counts towards reported numbers).
  7. Delivery for test vehicles that are assembled are shipped to the corrosponding test facility. If the vehicle is destined for some on road test use, it is then listed on the manufacturers plate registration sheets as a test vehicle (NOT counted as a sold car).
  8. Sales group demo cars are titled usually as MCO [Manufacturer Certificate of Origin] test vehicles (check the photos for a Michigan "M" or "manufacturer's" plate when available) and do NOT count as sold vehicles, but the sales groups budgets are charged now for the vehicle.
  9. Sales groups are also now charged for the dealer ordered sales.
  10. These vehicles are shipped to the dealers directly and the paperwork comes from the zone (IIRC);the zone still maintains ownership of these vehicles at this point. The floorplan of the dealer has "x" number of cars available for the dealer to purchase (I will not go into the specifics as it is not relevent). If the dealer has 100 cars available his account is charged for the number shippid, if less than 100. The MCO for each sold car is then sent to the dealer upon shipping acceptance by the dealer. These cars are NOT added to the sales figures reported until SOLD TO THE END CUSTOMER.
  11. The sales groups, the engineering pool, financial pool and other corporate pool cars that are delivered to various people and groups within the corp are also now sold to these groups (as lease or purchased vehicles) and the MCO is transferred ot the groups. IF a group has a normal corporate plate (which all pool cars do, for example-any NON TESTING vehicle is required to be titled by the end user-be it a group or an individual), it can finally be added to the reported sales numbers.


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