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How do you check a 2002 T&C's fuel pressure?

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Hi all,

It has a 3.3 motor, I'm pulling PO171, PO442, PO455 and PO456. It won't run above 4000 in park (fuel starvation? Governor?). In drive it will rev higher, but it really sluggish.

Wondering what the fuel pressure is, but I have not found a schraeder valve. I've cleaned the MAP sensor and throttle body. It would not start until I manually activated the fuel pump via jumping the fuel pump relay.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Diagnose for P0171-fuel system lean. The other codes are for evaporative emission system leaks (maybe cracked/dry rotted rubber vapor hoses) and wouldn't cause running problems.
If there is a fuel pressure test port, it would be on the front fuel rail.
If not, then you need a 'quick connect' adapter hose to go inline with the rail supply hose to connect your fuel pressure gauge. You want to see about 58 psi (+/- 5 psi) or ~400kPa.

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Low fuel pressure. Starts every time now. Still won't rev over 4,000 in park. Anybody know if these things have a governor? Runs much better but still sluggish in my estimation. Will ask the owner if that is how it has been running lately.

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