Recent Internet buzz claimed that Gerry Wood Dodge had purchased all of the final 135 or so 2017 Dodge Vipers, making it impossible to get a new Viper anywhere else. Fortunately, there are ways to get a new Mopar supercar without traveling to North Carolina.

2016 Dodge Viper ACR

While a Dodge rep confirmed that Gerry Wood Dodge did indeed reserve the 135 or so 2017 Dodge Viper units planned for the rest of the production run, Dodge did not confirm that these are truly the last 2017 Vipers to be made.

Furthermore, there are still plenty of Vipers on lots around the country, so the odds are good that if you are open on your colors and options, you will be able to find a brand new Viper within a reasonable distance from your house (assuming you’re not near North Carolina).

2017 Dodge Viper GTS-R

FCA confirmed that ordering has closed, and that Gerry Wood Dodge had agreed to purchase the 135 or so Vipers slated for production without a specific buyer.  If you are looking for a new Dodge Viper with the most possible options and colors, Gerry Wood Dodge is your best bet.

FCA would not confirm that these are truly the last of the 2017 Dodge Vipers, though. Once the company has worked its way through the current production plans, it will evaluate the need for more 2017 Viper production. The company might re-open the order banks before 2017 production officially ends sometime next year.

2017 Viper special editions

So, Gerry Wood Dodge may have purchased the last of the 2017 Dodge Vipers, but there is also a chance that Dodge could build a few more cars at Connor Ave before the assembly lines stop forever.

Finally, in addition to the Vipers sitting at dealerships around the country right now, the final production run over the next few months surely holds more units headed to other dealerships.

Your time to custom-order a Dodge Viper may have come to an end (or not!), but there are still well over a hundred Vipers which will be available around the country in the coming months.