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How to decode a certicard

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I recently bought a 1966 Satellite. I found the original certicard and was wondering how to decode it.

VIN# RP23G65127651

2ND LINE... P4Y ZZI T5 SA I220

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
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VIN decodes to:

R: Belvedere/Satellite
P: Premium price class
23: Two door hardtop
G: 383-2 bbl engine
6: 1966
5: Plant code - Los Angeles
127651: serial number of the car, 127,651 built that year.

P4Y: P- Premium bucket seats, 4- Vinyl upholstery, Y- Gold color.
ZZ1: Citron Gold Poly paint.

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The VIN serial sequence never really starts at zero (probably at 100001), so 127651 might have been the 27,650th vehicle assigned a VIN on the line that year.

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I'll do the second line for ya:

P4Y ZZI T5 SA I220

P4Y is the interior type and color, in this case like Bob said, premium buckets, gold

ZZI - again, like Bob said, paint code for bronze poly

T5 - transmission type, Automatic

SA - standard axle (non-suregrip)

and then on my certicard it has the numerical gear ratio, are you sure it said I220?
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