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jimboy said:
While I agree with Norm vis a vis Jeep/Chrysler being foreign owned, just guess how the Italians would feel to lose Fiat's HQ. The problems in Europe will ease, and Fiat will start making money there again. IMO, this is never gonna happen; the only workable solution is a tax haven HO and subsidiary HQ's in Italy and USA. My own preference would be for the Company to be called Fiat-Chrysler Motori !!!
I'd agree if Fiat Industrial was still under Fiat. Ironically enough, spinning it off into a separate entity, allows Chrysler to dominant the Chrysler/Fiat balance sheet, even when Europe rebounds.
It makes one wonder about the thought process behind that move and the end-game they (Marchionne) envisions for the future alignment of the company.
At the very least, it's interesting.
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