Automotive News ’ Larry Vellequette scooped most other media outlets with specific coverage of the upcoming Chrysler “Hurricane” engine, the latest in a series of upgrades named after wartime planes.  While Allpar had some indication of a Hurricane project for Chrysler four-cylinder engines, not until now were specifics known.

TigerShark 2.0 world gas engine

A combination of a job posting and insider sources appear to have informed the respected reporter’s latest revelations . The Hurricane will focus on heads of the 2.0 liter engine; the 2.4 liter version has already been revamped to become the “TigerShark” version, with Fiat’s expensive but effective MultiAir valve control system. The Hurricane 2.0 will use the existing aluminum engine block, shared with the 2.4 liter engine as well as Hyundai and Mitsubishi engines.

There remain few details, including whether the company will start using direct injection. The final product is slated to appear in 2016.