Speculation. Chrysler/FCA US engines have long been tagged with the names of Allied fighters as their product names — the major exception being the Demon’s, so it would not be leaked as easily . Those names include Eagle (5.7 Hemi), Apache (392), and Hurricane — the forthcoming four-cylinder turbo, rumored to have direct injection.

Coming after the Hurricane, which is expected to see production later this year, will be a straight-six intended to outpower the current Hemi. Some have claimed this engine, whose timeline is unclear, will be dubbed “Tornado” — a name once used for a Jeep straight-six (and an Allied plane).

The straight-six is needed, despite the quality and performance of the Pentastar V6, largely because of forced induction. In that realm, the Pentastar seems to either underperform, or grow too large. It’s also an expensive motor to make; and straight sixes have more cachet in the BMW/Mercedes world.

Finally, a replacement for the current Hemi V8s is in the works. The code name is unknown, but, with an eye to AMC history, we prefer Typhoon.  It was originally meant to replace the SRT engines, with less bulk; but it might be called in as a premium replacement for the 5.7 Hemi for those who must have a V8. This engine is not expected until, at the earliest, calendar year 2020, but a smaller V8 would be helpful for the next-generation large cars.

FCA US has grand plans for the next five years; it will be an exciting time to watch Fiat Chrysler.