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warlord said:
i would think reguardless of the batteries condition the jumpstart should give it what it needed to crank

also when i brought my original starter to the shop it tested fine.

but still something is keeping this starter from actually cranking.

the starter should only have 2 wires right?
the power and the smaller wire and i believe its grounded thru the engine.

but that doesnt explain why it would click but not even attempt to crank not even slowly
I'm not sure about the 1990+ models, but previous years also had a large ground cable going from the battery
to the engine block, if you have that on your model, have you checked its condition? You said you have replaced
the starter (the old one was apparently ok though) and the positive cable from the battery to the starter. The only
thing left I would think is a bad ground to the starter (which it gets from the engine block/transmission). I would
double check that cables condition first. If that's a non issue then you could check the condition of the smaller wire
on the starter by rigging up a temporary wire and feed the starter + power directly to that connection, just be careful
if it's a manual trans and be in neutral, you don't want the car jerking forward if it works. At least that would help you
figure out where the problem actually is.
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