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I have a 1990 Chrysler New Yorker 5th I'm looking to part...

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...any interest? Located in SE PA. The odometer doesn't work so it will not pass PA annual inspection. Also, has a brake leak, a dead battery, and I believe the right directional relay is stuck (stays on). Just not worth keeping because of age. I've owned it since 1999. I hate to send it to the scrap yard. Mileage is around 120,000 miles. If any interest for parts, please email me at [email protected]. I'm not parting pieces, buyer must take the entire vehicle. Thanks!

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mydodgedip said:
What engine? How much are you looking to get?
3.3L A4. $500 OBO??? Give me an offer.

The car runs fine (engine and trans), just doesn't stop, I think the rubber brake hose in the rear need replaced. That's where it leaks. If it wasn't for the odo, I'd probably keep it but I'm not putting money into it when it's not worth much. The paint has oxidized and the rag top is in ruff condition. But mechanically it drives fine. I removed the air ride a long time ago and replaced the rear suspension with conventional struts. I also reinforced the beam axle in the rear at the spring pockets. New CV axles in the front along with a new steering rack. I've been dumping money into for years and finally decided it's not worth it any further. To keep it as a local beater isn't worth the insurance and registration. Thanks.
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