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I Have A 273/235 HP Motor I'd Like To Sell

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I'm selling off my Barracuda stuff from back when I had two 1965 Barracudas.I have a few nice things like an NOS exhaust resonator,a 273 factory 4bbl motor that has been freshened up,3 of those huge rear windown,and various other things.I'm not bailing out of A bodies though,I am keeping the 65 Valiant wagon and the 66 Valiant signet convertible. I have lots of mechanical parts.6 3 speed manual tranys,! 6cyl 65 automatic, too much to list.I'd like to find a guy who would take it all at a reasonable price for both of us rather than sell it one piece at a time on ebay.
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That 273 in your 1965 wagon would be neat and it'd be 100% bolt in with Mopar OEM or repop parts. :)
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