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I know it's inevitable but...

3157 Views 12 Replies 8 Participants Last post by  valiant67's always surprising to see a new car in a junkyard...
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Someone posted a pic in another Dart forum of his totaled car. The engine came back into the firewall. He was hit almost head-on, left corner to left corner, by a girl who was texting while driving and crossed the center line. He said she got 5 tickets for her offenses.
She's lucky that's all she got.
The fact that he was able to post pics of his totaled car says a lot about how well made and well designed those Darts really are.
Yup. Would not like to have been there in a CRX.
:O I shudder to think.
That's actually a consideration for a down-the-road replacement for the wife's '01 Acura Integra, a car that debuted in 1993 for the 1994 model year. She's probably got 60,000 miles left before it's worn out. I'm good at finding older low-miles vehicles, like a '98 Caravan with 26,000 miles on it for less than $4K and an '06 Magnum with 12,000 miles for less than $12K. The cost of the Caravan appeals, but the Magnum is safer and not exactly a bad price.

We'll have to see what's going on when it's time to buy.
What's a consideration? CRX or Dart? Or safety?
Safety, versus cost and probability of needing those safety features.

I like saving money, but I like having a good quality of life.
TWX said:'s always surprising to see a new car in a junkyard...
And I betcha' they want "new part prices" for the used parts.
That was a rental. On the driver side I believe that there are enterprise bar codes.
The very first Dart wreck was destroyed by a child of a Chrysler executive just before they hit the showrooms, as reported here months ago. Joy ride gone wrong.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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