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I need the part numbers for my 95 LeBaron

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Can anyone give me the P/N for items 2 and 9 please?
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[SIZE=10.5pt]GRILLE, Defroster[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]P564-5 LAZ Agate[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]P564-5 LM6 Red[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]P564-5 JV8 Champagne[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]MODULE, Message Ctr. (Order Components Listed Below)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]4437498 Housing w/Circuit Board[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]4437661 Lamp and Socket[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]5269341 Bezel w/3-Function[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]5269340 Bezel w/4 Function[/SIZE]
(I suspect the difference between 3 function and 4 function is if the strip has the alarm light).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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