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Idle Problem - 1988 Caravan

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I have a 2.5L Caravan. It has run without trouble for years. Just recently, it has started to sputter a bit while idling and kinda 'hunts' for a stable idle position. Then it suddenly dies. It will re=start, but this pattern starts all over again. This has been a gradual buildup over perhaps a month.

Before I start changing things, anyone had any similar situations? What did you do to correct the problem? The air cleaner is clean, there is plenty of fuel. I am thinking it might be the fuel filter. I have not changed it out since I have owned the van. It has 197K on the engine.

Thoughts, suggestions and knowledge from those of you who have experienced the problem much appreciated.

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The typical injector failure will make it run rich and you may see large drops falling onto the throttle blade as it idles. The throttle position sensor can also fail without leaving behind a code. A leaky EGR (if equipped), can also make for a rough idle quality.
Does this seem to happen warm or cold or does it make no difference? If the idle fluctuation and stall happened within the first minute or two after a cold start, the O2 sensor would not be active yet.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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