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IDrawCars (by Adam Hubers and Matt Marrocco)

by Ryan Goimarac

Just a few months ago, two young, aspiring designers were approached with a problem. The problem was, there really aren't any quick, fun and affordable automobile reference guides out there in the book world, that also provide an intuitive sketching practice section, or a place to sketch at all. You could, if you were an automotive design student, purchase H-Point, a rather large and wordy text book that when purchased new, is fairly pricey. And it doesn't have any blank pages to draw in, or give you room to practice what you just learned.

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So, Adam Hubers (a car designer from College of Creative Studies in Detroit), met with Matt Marrocco (a product designer from the same school) and started the ideation process. Soon after, a few car blog sites (Autoblog, Jalopnik etc) began posting something about a new project on, a site that is used to generate awareness of a project. I quickly became acquainted with the project and found myself becoming one of their financial supporters.

Their original goal was seemingly ridiculous, at best, with a goal of nearly $10,000, to get their idea from paper to tangible product. They had 30 days to reach this goal, and from what they both told me, they were saying their prayers, crossing their fingers, and biting nails. Now, when I added my support, they were 4 days in, and had grossed close to $5,000 or so. To keep this story short, in 6 days, they reached their $10,000, and just before the end of their 30 day run, they blew past $50,000.

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Well over their desired and projected goal, both Matt and Adam got to work finalizing their deals with the book manufacturers, and also decided upon some other miscellaneous IDRAWCARS branded items, like pens and shirts for people to buy.

Simply showing you pictures of the book inside and out really would suffice, because its just that amazing the words are hard to describe it. It's big enough to get detailed car designs in, and a ton of useful information, yet small enough to fit in a front pocket (well, my cargo pants have big pockets). Throw it in your iPad case, throw it in your briefcase, throw it in your overnighter backpack, take it on a plane, in the car, on a train, to class, to lunch, to work, wherever!

The texture of the book is a rich gray cloth, that when examined closely, looks vaguely like carbon fiber. The IDRAWCARS logo is well laid out, cut with some sort of precision tool, possibly laser etched. If you have ever seen a Moleskine Sketchbook, then the IDRAWCARS book won't be unfamiliar territory, as far as quality and helpfulness goes. The binding is solid, there is a felt bookmark attached, and inside the back of the book, there is a little pocket for business cards or important notes.

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There are four sections: Automotive Industry Background, Proportion, Perspective, and Advanced Perspective. Each of the last three start with some original concepts for reference, while the Automotive Industry background section tells you everything you could possibly need to know about it from names and locations of almost 100 brands to terminology used by car designers and engineers. My dad works for Chrysler, so these words are all very common in my household, but to someone who is just learning, this is priceless. My favorite part of this section is the Global Auto Show Dates and Locations, which I forget every year. Interested in a school to learn auto design? That's in here too!

I want to leave this review short because I want you to stop what you are doing, go to, and buy a few of these for yourself. I say a few because I have only had mine 3 days and I'm almost done drawing in it. That's not to lend any sort of displeasure for this book, but rather compliment how fun it is. With every drawing I complete, I can tell I am getting better, and my CIA (Cleveland Institute of Art) teachers and classmates are noticing.

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If you go to an art school, or design school, or even a tech school, and you want to learn more about cars, or how to draw them, I highly recommend this book to you. And if you already have one, let your friends know, let your school know and tell them to supply them for you, or at least in the library. At $20, I'm almost disappointed I didn't pay more because this book is worth every penny and more.

Check out for new sketch work straight from the book, and some of the guys who helped make it happen (e.g. professional car designers).
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